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There are two things that can be automated in warehouses: the decision-making process and the goods-movement process. The first refers to how a warehouse makes better decisions on where to store, how to pick and how to optimize resources automatically. The second refers to how the various movements from Point A to Point B in the warehouse can be executed by machinery. Together, they form the brain and body of a warehouse. Warehouse automation is therefore not a static term, but a spectrum of decision making and good -movement automation.

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We are a global SAP partner with exclusive
SAP  Extended warehouse management expertise.

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If your team is already working with SAP EWM or planned to implement SAP EWM, we can help you plot system strategies and facilitate the system to-equipment SAP EWM integration process. We are an SAP EWM pioneer and frequently the first in the market to implement sophisticated SAP EWM process.

Reach out and we will work together to understand how if your operations can be improved and what process should look like.

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