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in high-volume warehouses

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Warehouse digitalization for
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We help you to achieve warehouse digitalization by optimizing warehouse processes using SAP Extended Warehouse Management technology

How we

We create together, measure always, and revise often, ensuring your Warehouse stay at the focus. With the SAP Extended Warehouse Management exclusive technical & Functional expertise, knowledge on Warehouse Management business process and the global network, Artihcus is capable of providing solutions for all the challenges you face with rapidly changing technology. We offer a standadised way of handling any warehouse process with customized developments.

Why Warehouse Digitalization?

Speed Delivery

Digitally managing Warehouse operational using technology like SAP can decrease packaging time and increasing customer delivery. A great way of increasing customer satisfaction.

Instance Balance

Instantly get alerts to warehouse managers about trending products, minimizing the dreaded “temporarily out of stock” messages on recent orders and deliveries.


Adopt to scale up and meet the standards of an intelligent, efficient, and automated warehouse.Integrate material flow calculator for the control of automated warehouses.


Advanced mobility in warehouse can ensure your supply chain is connected with devices and databases to see where a shipment is at any time. This helps you to monitor your on-time or delayed shipment details.


With our expertise can provide a proper migration strategy road-map with process optimizations & workflows.


With industry-best practices & Standard Operating Procedures, Tools and ITIL-based workflow we provide SAP EWM System Audit services.


We take care of optimally orchestrated projects with tried-and-tested project management: Step by step to a successful solution.


We support a completely digitally integrated production quality check and tracking activities leading to increased automation.

Who we Are?

Arthicus Global as an SAP Open ecosystem partner, offers SAP Warehouse Management (WM) solutions to provide inventory visibility at storage bin level, flexible picking and put away strategies, radio frequency (RF) and bar coding. SAP EWM further enhances pallet tracking (with license plates) using Storage and Handling Unit (HU) functionality for efficient and accurate stock information inside and outside of the warehouse. 


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